Flatbed TOWING in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Do You Need Flatbed Towing?

If you’re in an automobile accident that causes tremendous damage to it and it’s totally undrivable then you may need it towed with a flatbed. We can get it to an auto body shop or to your home. You can book your flatbed tow truck by simply giving us a call.

Why Would You Want To Hire A Flatbed?

There are quite a few reasons that you might need to be towed using a flatbed. The type of vehicle or its weight might make it necessary to use this type of towing vehicle. Using this type of towing will mean that all the wheels are secured rather than using chains on the front and pulling with the rear wheels rolling on the ground.

Some vehicles require that additional weight isn’t put on one end or the other of the vehicle and this means it can’t be towed in a traditional way. In that case, a flatbed would be necessary. Some sports cars & luxury vehicles shouldn’t be tilted when being towed.

Have You Heard Of Wheel Lift Towing?

The average person who has had a vehicle towed has had traditional towing. This lifts the front or the rear of the vehicle into the air and then pulls it while the other end remains on the ground. If the vehicle will only be towed for a short-distance then that’s perfectly fine. In some cases, it is the perfect choice for vans and trucks with a reasonable weight.

If a vehicle is in a certain condition or if it’s a certain type then the traditional type of towing isn’t ideal. This is when specialized equipment is necessary. When this is needed then the vehicle will need to be towed using a flatbed. They are specifically made for towing large vehicles and also when the vehicle has tires that don’t function any longer. In some cases, the tires need to be completely off the ground. It’s also a great way to tow something long distance.

Insurance And Flatbed Towing?

Our company makes our insurance partners our highest priority and all our dispatchers understand this. We have a system in place for emergency services for our insurance partners. If you need towing you should call your insurance provider and have them place an order for flatbed towing.

Our reputable fleet can expedite your towing and we are capable of transporting almost any vehicle. Our technicians can provide expert recovery for vehicles. All it takes is a call and we will dispatch a tow truck to you.

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