private property impound in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Private Problem Impound for Property Owners

At Best in Town Towing, we offer a wide array of professional towing services to private property owners.

We put in the hard work to make sure all clients are happy with their assigned parking spaces/garages without having to worry about trespassing.

If it’s time to tow a vehicle, we are ready to serve right away. Give us a quick call at 717-220-5775 and we will send over a specialist in minutes.

Our services include:

  • Multi-Family Communities
  • Retail Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Paint Program
  • Parking Permit Program
  • Abandoned Vehicle Removals
  • Courtesy Patrol
  • And More!

As a private property towing company, we set up affordable contracts for our clients. Our service is organized, professional, and designed to meet your needs from day one. We will carry out top-tier parking protocols when it comes to removing or towing vehicles. Whether these vehicles are in the red zone, blocking the entrance, or in front of a fire hydrant, we are ready to assist.

Our company is heralded for its international-grade towing equipment, professional techniques, and trained specialists.

We are proud to offer a long list of benefits including well-designed and readable “Tow Away” signs. We understand what’s required and can help property owners police their property.

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