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Facts About Towing Services

Big Truck And Heavy Duty Towing

Whether it’s a boat, RV, trailer, or a semi-truck we offer professional heavy-duty towing. Our priorities are to put a focus on integrity, professionalism, and safety. We serve our local community with great pride.

If your truck is broken down and you need a tow, call us. If you have an emergency situation or an accident then we can help. We are the area’s top specialist for heavy-duty towing.

We Can Tow All Types Of Vehicles With Our Heavy-Duty Equipment

Our company not only has medium-duty trucks but we also have trucks capable of heavy-duty towing and are specifically made for towing large trucks and equipment. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced and capable of handling the most difficult situations. They are available for emergency towing whether it’s with a semi, an RV, or a bus. We can also tow heavy equipment and trailers.

If you have something unusual to tow such as a large boat, grading equipment, pools, or containers, we can take that as well. Our dispatchers are experts and they can determine which type of equipment is needed for your particular needs and they can decide how to handle it in an efficient way. We have medium duty towing vehicles that are capable of loads up to 26,000 pounds. The loads that are more than 26,000 pounds will be towed by heavy-duty equipment.

We have a range of equipment that includes low boys, rotators, bobtails, and winches. Most importantly are our experienced operators that know how to tow a load safely and affordably without any damage. They can get it there on time.

Specialty Equipment For Your Towing Needs

We are experienced with towing heavy machinery, buses, and excavators. We also have technicians that have towed tractors, large containers, scrapers, man lifts, and others. We can size up the needs of your job when you give us a call and our expert staff will come up with a reasonable solution for you.

Motorhome And RV Towing

Some find it a daunting experience when trying to get their motorhome or RV towed. Calling us can remove the difficulties and we can handle the heavy lifting. We have specific equipment designed for motorhomes, RVs, and campers. We can also handle recreational trailers and we can get it done quickly and efficiently.

We have over 50 vehicles in our fleet and this allows us to arrive at your location very quickly and we can do so with the right equipment from the get-go. We do much more than roadside assistance or light duty towing. We do those things perfectly but we offer more. Our technicians are capable of handling very complex jobs and we’ve been doing so since 2006. Our aim is to serve you in the best possible way.


Jump-start & Vehicle Battery Replacement

Car won’t start? There’s a good chance you need to replace the battery. Nobody likes to be stuck on the road with a dead battery; in particular when you have an important appointment that you can’t afford to be late for. It’s why our company is here for you. Our excellent and efficient fast-response service will have someone at your side to help you jump-start your vehicle and test the battery to find out whether you will need to have it replaced. In most cases a good set of jumper cables will get the car started immediately and it may be all you need at the time. If a battery replacement is required, don’t worry, we come prepared.

Tire Change And Repair

Flat tire when driving off-road? Don’t panic; we offer 24/7 roadside assistance flat tire services. Our services cover different vehicles ranging from small cars to semi-trucks to ensure we have the solution for your tire needs and scenario.

Vehicle Recovery & Winching Service

There are occasions when a car is stuck off-road or falls in a ditch and needs to be rescued. Whichever the case, we are equipped with powerful winches that have up to 20,000 lbs capacity to get you back on track. If the winches don’t get the job done, we have heavy-duty tow trucks that even carry double winches to recover stranded semi-trucks, RV’s and other large vehicles. And if one heavy-duty tow truck isn’t enough, we have a fleet, and we can quickly provide you with more than one truck to complete the job. We have had lots of experience doing it in the past and we are perfectly capable of doing it again.

Lockout Service

Locked your car keys inside the car? Our vehicle lockout services will rescue you. We often deal with lockout problems and will send one of our lockout technicians around to help you open your car door and get you on your way in no time.

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